Church Under The Tree

"Church Under the Tree exists to help people the way that Christ commands," said Ron Evans. If any one would know, it would be Ron. He is a man that answered God's calling almost 10 years ago to start a church under a tree in the middle of a park in Plano Texas. One Friday night he and his daughters showed up at Haggard Park, noticing dozens of young adults in the park, Ron sensed God's call to begin interacting with them. What Ron realized is that many of the young adults at the park that night came from broken homes and battled drug and other addictions. That encounter led to many subsequent encounters and eventually led to the launching of Church Under the Tree. CUTT meets on Sunday afternoons and begins with a meal at 3:00pm and worship and preaching at 4:00pm. They help the homeless find resources such as food, clothing and shelter.


As a result of CUTT, the Lord has used Ron and his team to launch several other ministries. One of those ministries is Food for the Cities. This is a ministry that provides a box of food for a family that consists of enough meals to cover a family of four for one week. 


Then, there is Mission 58 which is their training camp. This ministry seeks to find some of the best students across the state of Texas to train and equip them to live a life of mission. If we can train and equip them when they are young, they will carry that with them forever. 


As a Church body, Friendship Baptist Church works with Church Under the Tree. Specifically, we will be helping them every 5th Sunday by providing lunch for the men and women that come to the park. We would love for you to partner with this important missional opportunity.