The Friendship Children’s Ministry strives to partner with parents to raise up the next generation of God fearing, Jesus loving, disciple makers. It is vital during these years that children learn how to study their Bible, develop a foundation of solid Biblical learning and actively live out their faith in their schools, on their teams and at home. Children’s ministry classrooms and worship rooms are located on the second floor of the main church building. 

Security First

A check-in system provides us with the assurance that your children are secure each time they are left in our care. You simply check-in your children at the Welcome Desk where you will receive a security badge for you and your child between birth and 4th grade. Each badge has a number ensuring an exact match when you pick up your child. We want to make sure your child is well cared for while you participate in worship, Bible study and fellowship at Friendship. 

Sunday Mornings

There are a variety of opportunities for kids on Sunday mornings. Bible Drill focuses on skills and drills that sharpen our childrens' minds and give them the tools they need for lifelong study. Growth groups offer a small group class while Children's worship brings the kids into a large group environment for games and expanded learning of the day's lesson.

Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights provide a much needed midweek opportunity to refocus on Jesus. Make Wednesday nights a priority for your kids and join us for fellowship and fun as we gather together to learn God’s word, work on our discipleship skills and play fun games.